October 2004 SoftBank Corp. (currently SoftBank Group Corp.) established SoftBank Payment Service Corp. (currently SB Payment Service Corp.) as a wholly owned subsidiary
December 2004 Started providing credit card payment agency service
August 2005 Started providing collection agency service
April 2008 Invested in SoftBank Gift Corp. (currently SB Gift Corp.)
December 2010 Prepaid Payment Instruments for Third-Party Business Completed issuer registration. Launch of "Virtual currency"
September 2011 Completed Funds Transfer Service registration. Launch of "GCASH REMIT", a remittance service for the Philippines
October 2011 Obtained Mastercard brand license
November 2011 Jointly with SoftBank Mobile Corp. (currently SoftBank Corp., "SoftBank Mobile Payment (currently SoftBank Mobile Wallet)" was launched.
February 2012 Obtained Visa brand license
June 2014 Established EC Payment Forum jointly by 6 EC payment service providers
March 2015 Started issuing Prepaid card "SoftBank Card"
September 2015 Transferred all shares to SoftBank Mobile Corp. (currently SoftBank Corp. ) and became a subsidiary of the company.
October 2015 Obtained UnionPay membership license
January 2016 Started providing "Payment services for in-stores"
August 2017 Started providing "Payment Services"
February 2018 Completed registration for telecommunications carrier. Started providing "Tokenization service" (obtained a business model patent ( (Patent No. 6433573))
November 2018 Completed registration for handling contracts for Business Operators Concluding Contracts Handling Credit Card Number
December 2018 Started providing QR code payment application "S! Can (scan)"
January 2019 Changed company name to SB Payment Service Co., Ltd.
July 2019 Invested in Second Sight Co., SecondXight, Inc. (now Second Sight Analytica Co., Ltd.)
December 2020 Part of the fund transfer business was abolished. End of remittance service "GCASH REMIT" for the Philippines
July 2022 Invested in SUPER STUDIO Co., Ltd.