New Graduates

Recruitment type

  • Business course

    Corporate Sales

    My job is to propose and sell payment services mainly to corporate customers who operate EC sites. We have a sales strategy that takes advantage of the synergy of the SoftBank Group, and we have opportunities to be in charge of a wide range of companies, from major listed companies to small and medium-sized venture companies. You can study the skills required for sales positions, such as the ability to make proposals and negotiations.

    Customer operation

    You will be in charge of various operations for customers using our payment service. Specifically, we perform screening of merchants, credit in progress, coordination with payment institutions, and procedures for system construction. You can pick up the needs of customers so that you can use the service for a long time, and cultivate the business planning ability to reflect it in the operation.

  • Engineer course

    System Engineer

    You will be involved in the planning, development, and operation of systems used by many major companies, with the SoftBank Group's brand and technological capabilities as the backbone. It is a mission-critical environment where you can experience one of the largest number of transactions in Japan. Since you can be involved in the development and design of the upstream processes of your company's services, there is a rich environment in which you can develop your skills and thinking as a system engineer.

Selection process

  1. STEP1

    Briefing session entry

    Briefing session entry

    From Mynavi Rikunabi
    Please apply

  2. STEP2

    Selection entry

    Selection entry
  3. STEP3

    Interview/Written test

    Interview/Written test
  4. STEP4

    Informal decision

    Informal decision

Application Requirements

Employment status full-time employee
*No fixed contract period
* Trial period available (3 months)
Recruitment type General position (Business course/Engineer course)
Qualification requirements Those who have graduated or completed (expected) a graduate school, university, or technical college in Japan or overseas by the end of March 2025.
Department of Recruitment All faculties and departments, both humanities and sciences
Scheduled place of work Tokyo Takeshiba
Working hours 9:00-17:45 (Regular working hours 7 hours 45 minutes, break 60 minutes)
*Super flextime system (no core time)
*Some departments have exceptions (scheduled labor, shift work, shift work, etc.)
Salary General position (business course/engineer course)
Monthly salary 245,000 yen *Graduate school, university, technical college graduate
*Monthly salary: Basic salary [231,000 yen] + Self-growth support fund [10,000 yen] + WorkStyle support fund [4,000 yen]
Salary increase Once a year (in principle)
Bonus Twice a year *Annual standard bonus of 5 months + special additional bonus (paid according to performance)
Various allowances Transportation expenses stipulated payment, new graduate housing subsidy (provided for up to 3 years after joining the company if payment conditions are met),
Commuting allowance, overtime work allowance, holiday work allowance, late night work allowance,
Self-growth support funds, Workstyle support funds, etc.
Holiday vacation Number of holidays per year: 124 days/2023 results
Full two-day work week (Saturday and Sunday), holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, annual paid leave (11 days in the first year), accumulated annual leave system,
Congratulatory and condolence leave, refreshment leave, prenatal and postnatal leave, childcare leave, spouse's maternity leave, children's leave,
Nursing care leave, nursing care leave, nursing care leave, volunteer work leave, donor leave,
Days designated by the company (one day from April 30th to May 2nd), and others
Welfare/Other Fully equipped with various social insurance (health, employment, workers' compensation, welfare pension), defined contribution pension system, defined benefit pension system,
Asset accumulation savings system, employee stock ownership association, partnership with welfare service company (Benefit One),
Benefits system for the SoftBank Group, employee monitoring system, comprehensive welfare group term insurance,
Long service awards, computer and smartphone lending (according to our regulations), side jobs (permit required), etc.
Career development New employee training (business manners, Office software, etc.), new employee follow-up training,
3rd year employee step-up training,
Softbank University (a training system where you can choose a course according to your goals),
Softbank Academia, Softbank Innoventure (new business proposal system),
Online English conversation, self-report system, qualification acquisition support system,
E-learning training on the Installment Sales Act and Fund Settlement Act, information security training,
Compliance training, management training, trainer system, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I apply for other positions at the same time?

    You can apply. It is also possible to apply for both the business course and the engineer course.

  • Can I apply for the engineer course if I have no experience or have a liberal arts background?

    Although inexperienced and liberal arts students can apply, we welcome applications from those interested in IT and systems. Many inexperienced senior employees are also active.

  • Is there a housing subsidy for new graduates?

    There is a partial subsidy (*) for rent.

    *Conditions: If you are renting a residence in your own name and paying the rent yourself
    *Period: 3 years after joining a new graduate

  • Are there any qualifications I should have?

    There are no required qualifications for selection.
    Of course, if you are interested in the qualifications, please actively challenge them.

  • Do you hire international students (foreign nationals) from overseas?

    Regardless of nationality, we are hiring people with an emphasis on character.
    International students from overseas are also encouraged to apply.

  • Do you employ people with disabilities?

    We are hiring. Please contact the recruiting department.
    SB Payment Service Corp. New Graduate Recruitment Manager

  • What kind of clothes do you wear to work?

    We are working in free clothes according to TPO.
    When you come to the company briefing session, please come in casual clothes.
    *We may ask you to wear a suit at the interview.

  • Do you work overtime or work on holidays?

    Based on laws and regulations, we are working on safety and health and health maintenance activities in order to provide an environment where employees can work safely and healthily.
    Depending on the type of job, the work you are in charge of, and the timing, we may ask you to take days off, but you can take days off based on the working conditions.

  • Please tell us about your workplace.

    When I joined the company, I worked at Takeshiba, Tokyo. After joining the company, depending on the type of job, there is a possibility of working in Osaka.

  • Do you have a system to support childbirth and childcare?

    We aim to create a work environment where all employees can fully demonstrate their abilities while balancing work and child-rearing.
    In addition to prenatal and postnatal leave and childcare leave, we offer a variety of systems such as shorter working hours for childcare, "kids leave" that can be used for children's school events, and childbirth gift money.

  • Do you have a system to support physical condition management and mental health?

    In order to provide an environment where employees can work with peace of mind, in addition to regular health checkups,
    We have prepared mental health support and health consultation desks by industrial physicians, public health nurses, and counselors, as well as online stress checks.

  • Are there any chances or systems that allow me to transfer to my desired department?

    Once a year, employees self-report their adaptability to their current workplace and tasks they would like to challenge, and have an interview with their superiors. This system provides employees with opportunities for self-growth and self-actualization, and provides an environment in which everyone can take on challenges.