Our Business

Our mission is to make the world
a better place through payment services.

Making People Happy through the Information Revolution
- Connecting all people and value -

As AI rapidly grows in today’s market, the payment domain is also undergoing a revolution.
As the company that operates the payment and financial services of the SoftBank Group, SB Payment Service works with leading companies to provide a wide range of payment services.
In line with the SoftBank Group’s philosophy of "making people happy through the information revolution," we strive to contribute to the creation of a better society by deepening the connection between people and value through our highly convenient and user-friendly payment services.

Highly Reliable Services

With licenses for international credit card brands such as Visa, MasterCard, and UnionPay, we provide reliable payment services not just as a PSP, but as a credit card company, too.
As an acquirer (credit card merchant contractor), we can act as a one-stop shop that provides services for merchant vetting, management, and payment.

Reliable Security System

In addition to the Privacy Mark, the company has acquired the ISMS information security management system and the PCI DSS, the global standard for the protection of credit card information. We have a comprehensive security system with certified PCI Internal Security Assessors (ISA) who evaluate PCI DSS compliance.

Quick and courteous support

In order to earn the trust of our customers, we always provide support with a high level of satisfaction. We quickly respond to any questions or concerns that arise when customers are considering implementing payment services, and provide a place where customers can resolve their questions even after implementation. The post-installation support system was highly evaluated and received the highest rank of three stars in the HDI Rating Benchmark's "Quality Rating."

We connect customers with your business through our advanced payment services.

With a wide range of services that lead the era, we capitalize on business opportunities by responding without fail to the diverse needs and lifestyles of customers.
We will fully support the growth of your business with our comprehensive proposal capabilities.

  • Online
    Payment Services

    A wide variety of payment methods offered as a package

    We offer packaged services for contracts, payment, systems, and operational support with payment institutions like credit card companies, convenience stores, and mobile carriers.
    We also offer the best services to meet your company's needs to ensure non-retention of credit card information.

  • In-Store Payment Services

    Optimal implementation of multiple payment methods

    We provide support for multiple payment methods such as credit card, transportation IC cards, e-money, QR code, and inbound payments for in-person transactions, including in-store and door-to-door sales.
    In addition, we provide applications, devices (mobile and stationary), integrated systems, and other means of receiving payments that are suited to the scale of your business.

  • POBO (Payment-on-behalf-of) Services

    We provide a comprehensive service for payments from your business to other corporations and individuals.
    Our services are ideal for promotional gifts, reward payments, and proceeds distribution.

  • Card Services

    We are expanding our card issuing business, in which we issue and manage SoftBank Cards, which are prepaid Visa cards that can be used to earn SoftBank points.