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Enjoy the changes
See everything as an opportunity
someone who can challenge

The world of payments is about to change dramatically.
Would you like to build an innovative payment platform with us?
We are looking for people who enjoy change and take on challenges as opportunities.

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Casual interview

In a casual atmosphere
I would like to ask about your company and work,
We will respond to the request of

I would like to frankly tell you about SBPS's company culture and work environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please tell me the selection steps.

    The rough steps are "document selection", "multiple interviews", and "web aptitude test", and it takes about a month from submission of documents to acceptance.

  • I am thinking of changing jobs from a different industry. Can I apply?

    Of course you can. Please apply for a position where you can make use of the skills and experience you have acquired so far. At SBPS, many people who have changed jobs from different industries are active.

  • How do you work?

    We have introduced telework and flextime systems to maximize productivity. In fiscal 2021, the telecommuting rate will be around 75%, and many employees are taking advantage of flextime to work staggered hours and take premium Fridays. For more information, please see the Welfare page.

  • What kind of clothes do you wear to work?

    We are working in free clothes according to the TPO. When you come to the company briefing session, please come in casual clothes.
    *We may ask you to wear a suit at the interview.

  • Do you work overtime or work on holidays?

    Based on laws and regulations, we are working on safety and health and health maintenance activities in order to provide an environment where employees can work safely and healthily.
    Depending on the type of job, the work you are in charge of, and the timing, we may ask you to take days off, but you can take days off based on the working conditions.

  • Can I apply for multiple positions at the same time?

    You cannot apply for multiple positions at the same time. Please refrain from applying for other positions until the results of your application have been received.

  • Do you have a system to support childbirth and childcare?

    We aim to create a work environment where all employees can fully demonstrate their abilities while balancing work and child-rearing.
    In addition to prenatal and postnatal leave and childcare leave, we offer a variety of systems such as shorter working hours for childcare, "kids leave" that can be used for children's school events, and childbirth gift money.

  • Do you have a system to support physical condition management and mental health?

    In order to provide an environment where employees can work with peace of mind, in addition to regular health checkups, we have prepared mental health support and health consultation desks by industrial physicians, public health nurses, and counselors, as well as online stress checks.