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Softbank Value

In order to become a company that continues to grow for the next 300 years, the SoftBank Group has established the "SoftBank Values" as a guideline for action.

  • No.1

    The time will come when you can become the best by continuing to think that you will “win” and “aim for the best” in everything you do.
    And by becoming overwhelmingly No. 1, there is always the possibility of new challenges and new growth.

  • Challenge

    Always questioning the status quo and always taking on challenges without fear of risk will lead to significant growth.

  • Back calculation

    The position that can be achieved is limited only by stacking against the goal. By looking at the target and breaking it down into ○ months, ○ weeks, and next week, it becomes clear what needs to be done now.

  • Speed

    70% after 3 days from 100% after 1 week. Early PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) leads to faster results, and quicker next actions lead to better results.

  • Tenacity

    Rather than thinking that it is difficult or impossible, if you have a strong desire to constantly think about how you can do it, believe that you can do it, and persevere until the end without giving up, the path will surely open up.

SBPS in numbers

How many employees does SBPS have?



社員数 312名(2023年4月時点)


What is the ratio of new graduates and mid-career?

New graduates 23 %

midway 77 %


中途・新卒割合 中途 77%:新卒23%(2023年4月時点)

In 2016, the first batch of new graduates joined the company. Currently, about one in four employees are new graduates.
Employees who embody the SoftBank Values are active regardless of their background when they joined the company.

What is the telework implementation rate?



テレワーク実施率 83%

We provide options for where to work for the purpose of improving productivity.
Many employees now work from home or satellite offices.

Company scenery

  • Head office lounge area

  • Head office free address seat

  • head office counter

  • Head office cafe space

  • Head office meeting room

  • Headquarters sofa seat

  • Head office phone booth

Disclosure based on law

Percentage of mid-career hires based on the Act on Comprehensive Promotion of Labor Measures

2020 2021 2022年度
Midway 59% 75% 88%
New graduate 41% 25% 12%
total 100% 100% 100%


Male ratio Female ratio
full-time employee 69% 31%
contract employee 67% 33%
Part-time employee 100% 0%
Temporary employee 18% 82%
total 68% 32%


male woman difference
full-time employee 6.7 6.9 +0.2
contract employee 9.8 0.2 -9.6
Part-time employee 13.8 - -
total 6.9 6.8 -0.1